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Standard Bag – woodland


Looking like a jazzy paper bag but with  all the benefits of a waxed wrap!

The standard bag is now made with the benefit of a top, which makes it more stable and easier to fold over.  It is a generous size, enabling the bag to be used for many different tasks.  It is ideal as a larger lunch bag, storing any fruit or fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs, bread rolls or even to your favourite plant!   You simply place your item in the bag, press the top together & roll over to seal.

The bag is handmade using 100% cotton, local filtered beeswax, natural tree resin and Jojoba.
Also available in a vegan friendly option: 100% cotton, plant waxes, natural resin, Jojoba.
Please indicate if you prefer the vegan friendly option, otherwise we will send you the beeswax one.

Bag Measures: Width 20cm x Height 28cm Gusset 11cm.

How to care for your Standard Bag:  If you need to clean your bag, then wash in cold water with a little detergent, hold the top together and shake up and down, rinse and air dry (I use the dish rack).   Fold to store in a drawer or cupboard until required.  Please do not place your bag in the Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Microwave or expose it to any other heat source, as this will damage the wax coating and shorten the life of your bag.
Your bag should last you a very long time.  When it does reach the end of its useful life, chop it up and place in the green waste or place in a pot or ground with your favourite plant!

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