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Small Bag – Cats


Our Small Bag is ideal for storing mushrooms, baby spinach leaves or any smaller food produce.  Just place your items directly into the bag, no need to wrap first.  I find these bags so handy and really convenient to use.

Size approx 21cm x 25cm. 

Beeswax: 100% cotton, locally sourced beeswax, natural resin, Jojoba

How to use your bag:  Simply place your items inside the bag, press the top together and then fold it over and seal with the warmth of your hands.

How to care for your bag: Wash your bag in cold water and a little detergent, rinse and air dry. (I put mine on the dish rack) Fold to store in a drawer or cupboard until required.  Please do not place your bag in the Dishwasher, Microwave or expose it to any other heat source, as this will damage the wax coating and shorten the life of your bag.  At the end of your bag’s useful life, place in the green waste or better still, use it to contain a plant in your garden.

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