Sandwich Bag – Plant wax


We have a small range of Sandwich bags with a flap available as a plant wax option.  They are ideal for anyone who may have allergies to bee products or would simply prefer a vegan friendly option.  Available in green, dragonfly or reef patterns.  Please indicate your choice of bag in the comments box at the checkout.  They do change often & you can always drop us a quick email or message us if you are unsure.  We are always happy to assist you.

The sandwich bag has been designed to hold one sandwich, there is no need to wrap it first, just place directly into the bag with room for something extra such as a muesli bar or muffin.  The actual pouch section measures 21cm x 25cm.  Just fill and fold over the flap, secure with the warmth of your hands on either side. Like all our bags, The Sandwich Bag can be used for so much more, it is perfect for storing your strawberries, herbs, veggies as well as your favourite snacks.

Ingredients: 100% cotton, plant waxes, natural resin, Jojoba

How to care for your bag: Wash your bag in cold water and a little detergent, rinse and air dry. (I put mine on the dish rack) Fold to store in a drawer or cupboard until required.  Please do not place your bag in the Dishwasher, Microwave or expose it to any other heat source, as this will damage the wax coating and shorten the life of your bag.  At the end of your bag’s useful life, place in the green waste.


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