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NEW Hemp/Organic Cotton Pack (4) Plant wax or beeswax


I am very excited to be able to finally offer our new Hemp organic cotton 4 Pack, which has been hand dyed using Bengala dyes (soil pigments) using the Shibori method.  We love the beautiful soft colours, each wrap is unique.  This is a super eco option to add to your collection as the dyes are non toxic and earth friendly, also Hemp requires a fraction of the water needed to grow cotton.  It is also beneficial to the soil by adding nutrients and helping to prevent soil erosion.  And the only high you will get is knowing you have made the best choice for the environment.

The pack contains 4  sized wraps, 1 x extra small (13cm x  12cm), 1 x small (20cm x 20cm), 1 medium (26cm x 26cm) and 1 large (33cm x 33cm) Sizes can vary slightly

Having 4 wraps in a pack enables you to use them for wrapping a variety of fruit and vegetables as well as sandwiches, nuts, crackers, those little leftover bits  and for covering plates & bowls.

Plant Wax: 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton blend, Plant Waxes, natural resin and Jojoba.
Beeswax: 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton blend, local beeswax, natural resin and Jojoba.
Please indicate if you have a preference, both work as well as each other, it is a personal choice.

How to use your wraps: Use the warmth of your hands to mould the wrap around the bowl, plate or any other food item.  If your wrap feels a little dry, then simply scrunch up and pull to straighten before wrapping.  This action warms the wax and enables it to then stick as usual

How to care for your wraps: Wash your wraps in cold water and a little detergent, rinse and air dry. (I put mine over the fruit bowl) Roll or fold to store in a drawer or cupboard until required.  Please do not place your wrap in the Dishwasher, Microwave or expose it to any other heat source, as this will damage the wax coating and shorten the life of your wrap.  At the end of your wrap’s useful life, either chop up and place in the green waste or line the inside of a  pot for your favourite plant.

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