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Beeswax DIY Kits


Our DIY kit is the perfect isolation activity that everyone in the family can do together.  The block contains the mix of  ingredients, which is the same as we use for our wraps along with instructions.   All you have to do is melt the block and apply to your fabric.

Each block is approximately 90g and should be sufficient to make the equivalent of 2 of our starter packs (small, medium & large) and a couple of extra small wraps.  If you already have some beeswax wraps, then you can use this mix to re-coat them when they begin to lose some of their sticking ability.

Each block comes wrapped in a medium size piece of fabric for you to use to make your first wrap.  We have provided the following instructions to make the process as simple and easy as possible as well as the safest method to use, especially when children are involved.  It is important that you use equipment that won’t be used again for food preparation, the op shops are a great outlet to find these items.  Please read through the instructions carefully before you begin.

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